Clinical Research Trials in Sanford, FL, and Nashville, TN

What is a Clinical Trial?

A clinical research study or clinical trial is the way in which pharmaceutical and biotech companies test their new medications designed to treat diseases and illnesses. All clinical research studies adhere to strict procedures, rules, and guidelines that are set forth by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The clinical research study is carefully designed to test the safety and effective-ness of the new medication – referred to as the investigational medication – on a group of volunteers. The volunteers that participate in the clinical research study are closely monitored by a doctor or a team of doctors and their medical staff whom are responsible for conducting the clinical research study.

The benefits to volunteering to participate in a clinical research study include:

  1. Free study related doctor visits and exams
  2. Free study medication
  3. The ability to take an active role in your own health care while learning more about your condition or illness
  4. Gain access to new treatments before they are widely available to the general public
  5. Receive the satisfaction of knowing that you are assisting in the development of new treatments that may help yourself and others and
  6. You may be compensated for your time and travel.

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